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RIS built its reputation for planning efficient, cost effective, relocations.  Its track record includes office, library, archive, laboratory and warehouse moves.  The strength of the RIS approach has always been based on an analytical style, integrity, objectivity, humour and commitment to whole project success through efficiency and understanding client priorities.  Its founder still provides an independent expert business move management consultancy, working for and alongside client management at all levels, as well as with other professionals. 





RIS Background

Mike Biles - move expertThe concept of dedicated independent move management consultancy was unknown until RIS was formed in 1985.  It was the brainchild of Mike Biles.  Mike is well-known in business relocation: he has written and spoken on it and has twice been asked to be a judge in the British Association of Removers’ ‘Commercial Mover of the Year’ competition.  Previously in move materials handling - where he was involved in many innovations that are still in use today - Mike identified four things about the business move market, all of which proved to be correct – and some might say still apply:

  • Those responsible for their organisations’ moves were busy professionals who were always short of time, and/or people that had never managed a major move before and who were, understandably, often unsure where to start.

  • External help with the move from general project managers or professional firms was a ‘bolt-on’ service to their core activity. It often lacked focus, experience and, sometimes, objectivity.

  • The business removals market was dominated by a small number of players whose service delivery was inconsistent and who, by the nature of their service and business imperatives, were in no position to look at “the move” as a whole event, or be objective.

  • The evolving nature of the workplace was resulting in more organisations on the move, whether reorganising internally or relocating.

RIS therefore filled a gap.  It offered its clients time, objectivity, a lack of fear and non-partisan knowledge of the removals market.  It concentrated on the physical transfer of working organisations and the RIS brand remains today synonymous with quality successful moves. 

RIS Achievements

In addition to an enviable track record, RIS' objectivity and style naturally challenges - not only in the interests of specific clients but also with a view to making wider-ranging improvements in quality and efficiency.  Services have, of course, also been continuously enriched by experience.

  • "We can't plan because we don't know".  RIS’ meticulous and sensitive approach has proved, time and again, the value of investing sufficient time in defining and planning client moves. It's the 6 Ps..!

  • Communicating effectively with staff is not 'a nice to do'; it's a prerequisite for success, and an essential part of properly managing change.

  • RIS has always accurately specified removal requirements before inviting tenders.  But an RIS move specification is the product of all preceding projects.  It is judged as the most thorough obtainable – and an RIS bid process is renowned for its efficiency and impartiality.

  • When RIS began trading, there was often no way of assessing real value or quality of removal services - and little control over additional costs.  RIS significantly changed this, by the nature of its services and through discussion with forward-thinking contractors.

  • RIS has been instrumental in developing practices that its clients and many contractors now consider standard practice - as well as its own efficient methods.

  • Long experience has reinforced the value of having a fully engaged team.  Once all members are on board, including contractors, work with them; it should not be adversarial.

RIS Aims
The experience of so many moves, working with so many clients and contractors, coupled with an inclination to be radical, is bound to innovate.  So, whilst "if it ain't broke don't fix it" can be perfectly true, experience also provides the confidence to know that there will always be new things to learn.  Every business should constantly strive for better ways of doing things - in this case to make move projects even more efficient, even more cost-effective and delivered to even higher standards.






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