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So itís reassuring to have the experience of hundreds of successful ones at your disposal.

Right then - you need to organise a relocation, move, migration, or decant.  You have a choice: you can do it all in house, or buy in external help when and where itís needed.

For most organisations, a major move is an infrequent event.  There are no spare resources to dedicate to making it happen.  Whilst you and your colleagues must be engaged in your project (some more than others), and some things will be best done in-house, any involvement will be at the expense of the day jobs.  Then thereís knowledge: it makes no economic sense to waste valuable time figuring out how something you don't do very often is going to work, when you have the option to tap into proven expertise in that field.

The move you are planning will be a unique event, with its own particular mix of features, issues and objectives.  But perhaps the following general imperatives will strike a chord:

  • Avoid any dislocation to the business/your organisation's purpose

  • Minimise disruption to you, your staff and your customers/the public

  • The move project must be as efficient and cost-effective as it is possible to be

Relocation Information Services (RIS) has been engaged by major organisations, public and private, to advise on, plan and manage move projects all over the UK, and overseas.  The business has unparalleled knowledge of what makes moves work, logistics and the moving industry.  Clients like its personal hands-on approach, tailored to each project, working alongside and augmenting their resources as needed.  And they value its independent objectivity.

Whether you want to kick-start a move project, specify and tender a move contract, someone to manage the whole thing, or just ask a question, get in touch.  It costs nothing to make an enquiry.



RIS, PO Box 133, Carnforth, LA5 5AP, UK  enquiries@rismove.co.uk

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